Man City boss Pep in amazing Cup loss rant: Man Utd have waited ten years to KILL US! – Tribal Football

Man City boss Pep in amazing Cup loss rant: Man Utd have waited ten years to KILL US! - Tribal Football

Manchester City being dumped out of the Carabao Cup by Southampton in 2022-2023 resulted in a rollicking for the players.

Manager Pep Guardiola, as shown in new video, went on a huge rant to his staff.

The Spaniard was furious with his team at the time, but they went on to win the treble.

He said: “Tell me the explanation for today. Tell me! Do you think it’s normal? The way you performed? The problem, you’re starting the problem. In the game, something happens and everyone, heads down. There is no one to do something.

“Honestly, do you think it’s normal what today we have done? For this club? Do you think it’s normal? ! For the guys who travel, who don’t have money to pay their heater at home, to come here to follow us to perform in this way! Do you think it’s normal? WOW!

“My team is not like that. We’ll be in trouble. We’ll be in trouble. I don’t accept that [wagging his finger]. Sport, life is body language. How you approach life, how you approach the game. This is body language, and when you make a bad pass and the other complains like this [turns away] you can start bad but you have 80 minutes left to play, how do you react?

“‘Ah they scored a goal, ah a second one, oh it’s here, it’s there’. You want to play? You want the ball? You wanna move? You wanna fight? As a brother?

“Down to the earth, everyone guys. Work harder, work better. Be humble, be ambitious. Otherwise, the academy is ready.

“At 12.30, in two days, we go to Old Trafford. They’ve had 10 years waiting to kill us. Ten years. Ten years to kill us. Oh, you prepare? Oh, you prepare well? Because they have something that now, today, you show me we don’t have.

“They have something now that you don’t have. They have hunger. They are starving. We are not. Today you show me, the young ones and the senior ones, the new ones and the old ones, you don’t want. You are not hungry. And you have to recover it.

“Because it’s the Carabao Cup. It’s going to happen in the Champions League and Premier League [stares at the dressing room for several seconds]. Maybe I was confused [walks out].”


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